i see that one way or another, you've reached my "internet home". in case you don't know who i am, please proceed to the "ansgaros?" section for some kind of explanation. and if you do, you're probably looking for the music pages.

in short, though, i am a hobbyist musician and this site is here so that i can share my music (and sometimes other things) with the rest of the internet.

in the latest site "redesign" i switched from a good old file-based, self-coded system to a CMS(external link). this shouldn't be too apparent to the average site-goer, however, aside from the link in the footer. some changes in layout happened, too. now let's see if this introduction remains here unchanged for three years like the last one...

this site should be fine viewed at a resolution of 800x600 or above with 32-bit color. minimal javascript is used. i try to stick to standards-compliant xhtml, but unfortunately some browsers don't care about standards. should be ok with most graphical browsers though. this site is not optimized for mobile devices or non-graphical browsers.


latest news

2015-03-05 / music: spooky stuff
2014-03-01 / music: HOOOOO!!
2014-02-21 / music: carnival metal