One Hour Compo entries

OHC stands for One-Hour Compo, so all of these were composed within an hour’s time using a predetermined collection of samples.¬†Here mostly for historical reasons, it’s not very likely that I’ll ever make these again.

Please do not use the module plugin that comes with Winamp to play back module files. Use something like ModPlug Player instead.


Filename / LinkSize
ansgaros-adventurous_arabian_2009-01-10.mid6.77 Kb
asg-corporate bitches.it200.26 Kb
coxwieners.it297.11 Kb
eye-soc-.it311.26 Kb
kwakfest_2006-06-10-ansgaros_-_shitle.mid15.48 Kb
kwakfest_2006-06-10-ansgaros_-_shitle_tempofixed.mid16.04 Kb
kwakfest_2006-06-10-ansgaros_-_shitle_totalfixed.mid27.76 Kb
minisex.it67.38 Kb
moves.it64.59 Kb
nevergettinglaid.it98.39 Kb
worlds.it48.94 Kb