Original compositions

  • Traveler

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    I dunno. This just came about. It just… happened.

    “Sit back, dim the lights or switch them off if you don’t have dimmers, put conventional logic to one side, and enjoy. Well, I say enjoy…”

  • Now That You’re Gone

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    Yet another one that appeared on a compilation. This one was originally released in late 2010. I had bands like Satanic Surfers and Lag Wagon in my mind when composing this.


    There was something I wanted to tell you
    That’s why I called you on your cell
    I let it ring but you did not answer
    That’s how I knew something was wrong

    I drove up to your place
    And let myself in.
    I’ll never forget the expression on your face

    When I found you dead

    How could I have known
    That this imitation of a life you led
    Was nothing more than a show
    Should I have known?

    I thought we shared our secrets
    I thought that we were best friends
    But now it’s too late

    Now that you are gone

    Looking back on the years I spent with you
    You never really opened up
    You kept it all inside of you
    Until this one day…

    You left behind a note, it said:

    “Look, I’m sorry, but I
    just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore.

    I took the easy out.”


    Remembering the good times that we had
    I know you’re never coming back no matter how I cry

    And still I wonder why you didn’t say anything…
    Not a word


  • Falling Apart

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    Another one that first appeared on a compilation (in late 2009) of different artists, and hasn’t been released elsewhere. About time it was. Try to enjoy!


    There used to be a fire inside me
    But now that fire is long gone
    And the embers that remain will soon burn through
    I’m growing cold and time goes on

    Where there used to be a light
    Now only shadow remains
    My soul is dark

    So long ago since I really felt a thing
    And now I wonder
    How long I can keep up the charade
    Act as if everything was fine
    When I’m falling apart

    All alone again I sit here and I think
    Going through the things I feel
    This silence slowly eating away my will to live
    There is no light, no rescue in sight

    Every day it’s the same old thing
    I dwell on my own suffering
    No one may ever see
    What I hold inside
    Where there used to be a light
    Now only shadow remains
    I’m so alone

    “One word frees us of all the weight and
    pain of life: That word is love.”

    – Sophocles

    What is… love?


    I’m falling apart

  • How?

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    This one first appeared on a compilation in 2007, so it’s not exactly new. But it hasn’t been heard elsewhere and I thought it was about time to let everyone hear it. It’s old and the mixing and singing leave something to be desired, but I do believe it’s not completely without its charm.


    Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but the lyrics were actually inspired by the TV show Supernatural. It was some specific episode, but I forget.

    Days have passed
    Since I heard your frightened scream
    Those days have felt like years
    No more can I hear you speak
    No more can you listen to me
    I’m all alone again

    How can I live
    When the only thing I have left
    Is the image of you?

    How can I die
    When I know there’s no afterlife?
    There is no paradise

    Years have passed
    Since I found your lifless body
    Those years have felt like an eternity
    No more can I hear them speak
    No more can they listen to me
    Grief has taken me over

    How can I feel
    When the only thing I feel
    Is the pain of losing you?

    How can I dream
    When every time I close my eyes I see you?

    Like an arrow shot through my heart
    This love kills me
    And it’s tearing me apart
    I’m one with misery

    How can I cry
    When my tears have run dry
    So long ago

    How can I be
    When it’s been so long since I
    Drew my last breath

  • Realm of Pain

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    My entry to August 2010 Death Slam. Made over a weekend from scratch. Inspired and influenced by, and based on the movie Hellraiser.


    No! Don’t touch it! It’s dangerous! It opens doors
    To the pleasures of Heaven or Hell
    You think you’ve gone to your limits? Well you have not
    The Cenobites will show you a brand new experience:
    Pain and pleasure indivisible
    You’ll want more until your last breath is gone
    Those hungry chains of Hell, they feel no remorse
    Commanded by Pinhead, they’ll tear you apart

    Come join us in the realm of pain
    Open the box, open the door
    Your life was meaningless anyway
    Welcome to your own personal Hell

    Explorers, in the further regions of experience
    Demons to some, and angels to others
    You solved the box, we came, now you must come with us!
    Come on, taste our pleasures!

    CHORUS x2


  • Eternal Night of the Dead

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    Another one I did for OMC. The task this time was to make up a TV show, and to compose the theme for that show.


    Night comes as usual
    When the day comes to an end

    But this night is different, this night is forever
    An appropriate time for evil to get together and fight

    What a horrible night to have no morning

    Undead they rise
    The monster dance

    An eerie silence creeps across the land
    ‘Til the screams of fright fill this eternal night

    What a horrible curse to have no morning


    Show Title: Perpetual Night
    Genre: UK Survival horror/comedy/drama series (13 episodes per season)

    The premise is that for a reason to be disclosed later in the show (watch it to find out!) there are no more mornings, only “Perpetual Night” remains. Of course, perpetual night would be boring without some action… So there’s evil afoot! For each season the cast has a different evil to fight off. This song is the theme for the first season, where this evil is the undead.

  • Relinquished Illusions

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    It just turned out this way. There are about five different sections in this one. The fourth section, starting at around 2:13, is what I call “the chase”. The atmosphere is dark (like in most of my music) throughout the song. I entered this song to Original Music Competition #6 running at Good-Evil.net. There was no particular theme this time, everyone could do whatever they wanted. The voting was tight and I got fourth place, tied with two others.

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