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The phantom forest

Last night I was sitting here playing my keyboard (if you could call that playing…) and felt like doing something. Then I stumbled upon the thing that the strings play at the beginning of this song. I thought, why not! Then I estimated that it would take me about four hours to do this. Pretty much four hours later, I was done. The next day I tweaked some stuff for about 10 or 15 minutes.

This is a pretty straightforward cover. It plays the same thing twice and on the third time it fades out. Pretty standard stuff.

Snake man

I had a day free so I decided to occupy myself with another VG cover/arrangement. This time I held a raffle. I let people suggest songs to cover and styles to cover them in, and drew one lucky winner out of 17 different suggestions. I got to choose the style for this myself, and decided to go with something I haven’t done a lot of.

Took me about 6.5 hours to make and it was fun, but in retrospect I feel like I could have extended and expanded it a bit. That is, if I had had a week or so to work on it. But I had already decided that this would be a one-day thing.

Relinquished illusions

It just turned out this way. There are about five different sections in this one. The fourth section, starting at around 2:13, is what I call “the chase”. The atmosphere is dark (like in most of my music) throughout the song. I entered this song to Original Music Competition #6 running at Good-Evil.net. There was no particular theme this time, everyone could do whatever they wanted. The voting was tight and I got fourth place, tied with two others.